The British Academy Film Awards on Sunday, praised the film that was anti-German “All Quiet in the Western Front”. It also received Best Picture. This will enhance its chances of getting considered for nomination at the Oscars. Also impressive was the Irish drama “The Banshees of Inisheron” as well as the rock biopic “Elvis” that won four prizes apiece. Edd Berger won the Best Director award for “All Quiet” along with other awards like Cinematography and Best Score. In a surprise, Austin Butler received a prize as well.

Baz Lurhmann won Baz Lurhmann the Tony Awards trophies in Casting, Costume Design and Hair and Makeup for her ebullient musical “Elvis”. The Best Actress Prize was awarded to Cate Blanchett for the Orchestral Drama “Tar.” Martin McDonagh’s “Banshees,” the bleakly funny tale of a friendship gone sour, won for Best British Film. McDonagh joked that he had received an email about the award and asked “Best advertising?” McDonagh even though he was shot in Ireland by an Irish crew, and receiving British funds for the production He joked that he’s an British native and is the child of Irish parents.

The EE BAFTA Film Ads, British equivalent of Hollywood’s Academy Awards, were awarded for Best Supporting Actor. The Academy Awards’ frontrunner, “Everything everywhere at Once” surprised many by being to find it a bit low. It was the only time that one of its BAFTA nominations had received an award to edit. The show was hosted by the charmingly Self-Defending Richard E. Grant and Alison Hammond, The U.K’s Movie Academy held their ceremony in the Royal Festival Hall in London. This ceremony gives us the chance to see potential Oscar nominations for March.

They are working hard to make the ceremony more welcoming. Yet, there’s numerous things to be done. In his monologue to open the ceremony, presenter Stephen Grant humorously addressed the known altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the preceding Oscar ceremony “Under my watch, there will be no person will get slapped tonight…with being able to give an acknowledgement on the back of course.” The celebrities on the list of guests on the red carpet and presenters in attendance was comprised of Colin Farrell, Ana de Armas, Eddie Redmayne, Brian ***, Florence Pugh Catherine Zeta-Jones Cynthia Erivo, Julianne Moore, and Lily James. Prince William was present, and presides over Britain’s television and film academy, also attended.

William was accompanied by Kate in her black velvet suit and jacket. Kate was wearing an Alexander McQueen gown she wore at the BAFTAs. Helen Mirren honored William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II by paying tribute. Mirren is well-known in the role of The Queen on screen, and her performance in “The Audience” in which she played Elizabeth as the country’s most famous lady. The British Film Academy made changes to enhance diversity in their advertisements. There was no woman in the running for the award of Best Director in the seventh year consecutively as all the nominated for the leading role were women.

For all categories of media, which includes animated films, 11 women directors had the opportunity to be considered. Gina Princebywood was the only one, and she was awarded the award for best director for “The Lady King” is the sole female nominated. The Chair of BAFTA, Krishnendu Majumdar, explained that the academy’s reflection been a necessary and inspiring procedure, and added that the “essential work” for creating an equally playing field for all would go on. For the start of the evening, Ariana DeBose performed “Sisters Are Doing it for Theirself” along with a rapper’s tribute to some of the of the women nominated, such as Michelle Yeoh, Cate Blanchett and others.

In Summary

The BAFTAs this year have been an amazing display of cooperation, diversity and respect. The objective of BAFTAs is to celebrate diversity, unity and respect. BAFTAs is to call attention to the incredible talent Britain can offer to both the field of film as well as beyond. The BAFTAs attracted attention not only William, Kate, Helen Mirren, but also to the disparity in diversity between the individuals nominated for leading roles in film. This is why the entire business should be more open to celebrating individuals from diverse backgrounds. This way, we’ll have the ability to build the world we want to live in that is inclusive and unifying.

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