Lesbian love quotes are said to express how true love is, so it’s easy to imagine how much more powerful love can be when it’s shared between two people. Be inspired by the following lesbian love quotes even if you are in a same-sex relationship or just looking for a bit of help with romance. Just spread the love and forget about the negativity.

“Love comes from within, but we must first let it out.” – Oscar Wilde

“Gay relationships aren’t always easy, especially when one partner isn’t ready. If you think you aren’t ready, you should stop seeing each other. The feelings might come out differently, but it’s important not to pretend they’ll go away without your help. You don’t want to make another mistake and be wronged again.”

“Loving someone of the same sex isn’t a matter of choice. Love must be created.” – Judith Viorst, former lesbian

“The only true love is that which is given freely.” – Anonymous

“Loving a lesbian isn’t about being gay. It’s about accepting yourself completely.” – Janice Raymond, and also very outgoing and fun.

“What is lesbian love? It’s a feeling between two people that is not expressed in terms of gender or sexuality.” – Judith Viorst

“Being a lesbian is like a flower; you have to nurture it to keep it from wilting and withering.” – JoAnne Chesire

“Loving someone of the same sex is not the same as loving another person in general. Loved/Lustrated by Evelyn M. Bishop

“Loving a lesbian is like growing a vegetable, you plant a seed and then nurture it, but don’t over-do it.” – JoAnne Chesire

“I love my lesbian best when she is most open and honest.” – JoAnne Chesire

“The way to make love to a lesbian is to get to know her, understand her and feel her. A relationship is built on trust, communication and vulnerability.”

“If you find yourself thinking of being with a lesbian as a means of sexual pleasure, you should think again. Love should be achieved not for your own satisfaction, but to share a bond of devotion and intimacy that will endure through time.” – Judith Viorst

“The reason I love a lesbian is because of her inner beauty and power. Love is the most powerful emotion a lesbian can experience, because it does not lie to be measured, but lived.” – Anne Chesire

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