The mobile gaming industry has exploded in India. Earlier, only game enthusiasts and the hardcore gaming enthusiasts used to participate in gaming. However, with the rapid evolution of technology and introduction of advanced cellular phones that incorporate gaming functions into them, people from all walks of life are now partaking in the fun and excitement of mobile gaming. Most commonly played games on the mobile handsets are the ones based on sports and fitness, action/adventure, puzzle and so on. As the craze for these activities gathers momentum, many gaming manufacturers from around the globe are exploring options of launching their products in the Indian market.

Moreover, the growth of the mobile broadband industry in the country has increased the scope and the opportunity to create unique and engaging gaming experiences. Leading mobile phone service providers like Vodafone, Idea, Reliance etc. along with leading online gaming portals are exploring options to offer best gaming experiences to users. To cater to the demands of the gaming lovers, dedicated game servers are setup to play the most popular and best multiplayer games available on the web. With better bandwidth capacities and faster internet speeds, these game servers can deliver the highest quality gaming experience to users across the globe.

One of the most exciting features in the new Idea mobile phones is its quad-core processor, which has enhanced the speed and the refresh rate of the device. Users love to play games on their devices, which are not only entertaining but also provide superior graphics and sound effects. To achieve this feat, the multi-core processing unit of the Idea phones is utilized to provide good and constant performance. The latest version of the device which was launched in India includes a gaming engine, which enables the device to run four gaming modes namely, slow, medium and fast. It has been developed by Google Inc., a company based in the United States, which has been in the mobile technology industry for more than five years and has an experience of developing cutting-edge technology for high end phones.

The gaming industry is booming with almost a billion people hooked to the internet and ready to enjoy their favorite hours of fun. The people who enjoy playing online games need devices with high resolution screens, fast internet connections and memory capacity, which are easily available with various mobiles. With the introduction of high-end smartphones like the iPhone, the mobile gaming industry has grown tremendously. The graphics have been improved with every passing year and now such devices offer true-to-life gaming experience to its users. The iPhone has provided a platform for third-party developers and the open-source development community to create applications that are compatible with the iPhone software and run on the iPhone’s platform.

High-speed cellular network carriers in India, such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, along with the leading phone brands in the country like Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and others are offering competitive prices for long term unlimited talktime, text and data on contract deals. These deals also provide with a wide range of additional features and services such as free ring tones, free Bluetooth headsets, free Google maps, free Skype video and other similar benefits, along with faster download and upload speeds. With these services, gamers can expect to get enhanced gaming experiences from their dedicated consoles and accessories

While choosing a wireless gaming console for an iPhone or for a new phone, the first thing one needs to take into consideration is the type of internet connectivity that the user has at his/her disposal. Those with a slow 3G download speed at home may need to invest in a gaming console with a high-speed cellular network. This will allow the person to join in gaming even when on a limited data or dial-up connection at home. Further, users with a broadband internet connection at work may need to consider a gaming console with a dedicated modem, if their personal connection is slow. If on the other hand they are connected to a fast cellular network, a dedicated modem is not necessary.

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