Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam (Azure-900) evaluates your basic understanding of how cloud computing works and whether you are up to date on the latest development in cloud computing. The exam targets candidates from a number of disciplines across a number of industries and focuses on how they use Azure and the cloud.

If you have some technical expertise but no specific training in cloud computing or how to design cloud applications then you will do well with this exam. As with all exams, it’s important that you understand that there are some gaps in the Azure Knowledge Base, so make sure that you take note of those and learn about them before you start the exam.

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive overview of what it offers and where you can find it, along with a few quick references to get you going. The course is broken down into four main sections which include: The Azure Foundation, the Azure Service, the Hybrid Cloud, and the Services. There is also an online quiz that you need to pass in order to move on to the next section. This quiz requires you to answer questions about the Azure framework, how it provides the tools to the developers, how the data and infrastructure is stored, and the services that Microsoft offers.

After passing the exam you will be able to take a short training course that will give you a deeper understanding of how Azure works. You will need to pass the first part of the tutorial which covers the fundamentals and what is offered on Azure. Once you’ve passed the course, you will need to pass a final exam that covers the most current technology available.

If you are interested in taking the Azure Fundamental exam as preparation for Microsoft certification, then you can start with Microsoft’s official exam preparation website. It gives you guidance on the topics that you’ll be asked to discuss in the exam, as well as how to prepare for it.

If you want to take the Azure exam now but don’t know which course to take, you can check out the many ebooks available. to help you get ready. You will also find that many of these books contain reviews from experts who have taken the test. as well as review material from other sources.

The Azure Fundamentals Exam is not a difficult exam, but it will require some thought and preparation on your part. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with cloud computing or with the cloud technology. If you want to become a certified Microsoft developer, then it will be important that you study the material in the right way.

As with any other exams, the Azure Fundamentals exam will come at a price, though it won’t be quite as costly as other certification exams. So if you’re serious about becoming a Microsoft developer, then it may be worth looking at the course to help you get started.

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